Say Hello to Builder! Creating, Exporting & Managing Upfront Themes Just Got Amazing :)

It’s finally heeeeeeere! You know how you said you wanted a way to simply create an Upfront theme for WordPress from scratch, export it to another site or even sell it? Well, we’ve just gone and made that for you 🙂 Say hello to Upfront Builder !

Upfront + Builder = stunning WordPress themes!
Upfront + Builder = stunning WordPress themes!

And we’ve taken our time to make sure that Builder is the absolute best solution for all your WordPress theme creation needs.

All you need to do is a one-click install from your WPMU DEV dashboard and you’ll be greeted by a super simple wizard that takes you through the entire process.

Which works pretty much exactly the same as using Upfront itself!

After which you can easily save and export.

Which is of course entirely editable by anyone else using our Upfront theme framework!

How About We Take You for a Little Tour?

Well, since you asked 🙂

Essentially, Builder is pretty much everything we hoped we could bring you for quite some time.

Here’s a bit more detail…

Incredibly Easy to Get Started

Give your new theme a name to get started.
Give your new theme a name to get started.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, you can pull up the new menu item and start using the new theme creation wizard.

First up, you’ll have the choice to either create a brand new WordPress theme or edit one of our existing themes (which you can now easily export as your own when you’re ready).

And, of course, when you can import any other Upfront theme and make it your own without any trouble at all.

And It’s Just Like Using Upfront

It's just like using Upfront but with even more super powers.
It’s just like using Upfront but with even more super powers.

The only main differences you’ll note are the two buttons: Layouts and Save Theme.

Layouts guarantee all the basic templates you need are there – homepage, archive, 404 and single post/page.

And, of course, it’s super simple to create your own custom layouts, just put together a page and save it however you like.

Save Theme, well, that allows you to do exactly what it says on the tin!

Success! Saving and Exporting Your Theme

Saving and exporting your theme is a snap.
Saving and exporting your theme is a snap.

Once you’re done, saving and exporting your theme is literally the simplest possible exercise available.

Give it a name, edit the folder name (if you want), provide an author (hey, that’s you!), share our URL and write up a description.

Upload your theme listing image.

And click Save Changes.

Job. Done.


And Did You Mention Selling Them?

Well, for sure!

We don’t offer that facility at the moment, but there’s no reason you couldn’t head on over to any digital marketplace you like and sell your WordPress theme there.

All prospective buyers would have to do is take out a free trial here at WPMU DEV to install Upfront so they can customize and manage it to their delight.

And, because Upfront itself is 100% GPL, they can then either stay as a member or leave…. and keep the theme and all the cool features. Not bad, eh!

Oh, You Can Learn How to Use Upfront in Our New Course!

Enroll now in our Upfront course in The Academy.
Enroll now in our Upfront course in The Academy.

Yep, that’s right, the WPMU DEV Academy has a brand new course starting shortly on October 20 where you can learn all about using Upfront from the experts, the people who made it 🙂

It’s going to be at an introductory level, followed by an intermediate to advanced course later on.

And we’re completely redesigning our documentation and support materials too. In fact, you can check out the whole section here on using the Upfront Builder in our manuals  if you’d like to know more.

So Where to from Here?

Well, that’s largely up to you, dear reader.

Go have a play with Builder and let us know how you find it. Hey, maybe even share some of your creations in the comments below!

Let us know what features you’d like and how we can improve the product for you.

And that way you can let us continue to give you great value for money for your membership of WPMU DEV.

Which, if you are new to us, you can try out completely FREE for 14 days with no obligation and super easy one-click cancel . Go on. You know you want to 🙂

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