Fresh SVG Talks

I’m just back from CSS Dev Conf (Dave and I wrapped it up over on ShopTalk ) and it was a pleasant surprise for me to have seen four (!) SVG talks back-to-back on the first day. Just a little confirmation SVG is a hot topic these days. Anytime anyone asked the room who was using SVG, nearly every hand in the room went up. Here’s the presentations:

  1. Sara Soueidan (@SaraSoueidan ): SVG For Web Designers (and Developers)
  2. Brenda Storer (@brendamarienyc ): Cracking the SVG Code
  3. Brenna O’Brien (@brnnbrn ): Creative Typography with SVG & Collection
  4. Sarah Drasner (@sarah_edo ): Designing Complex Animations

Lots of SVG content around here as well, including my own recent talk , exploring the “SVG” tag , and the comprehensive course on The Lodge “Everything You Need To Know About SVG” .

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